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New IRS Tool to Check Status of Federal Amended Return

April 17, 2013

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Taxpayers now have a way to find the status of their Form 1040X (Amended Tax Return) that they filed for the current year or three prior years via the IRS website.

They may do this by using the new IRS look-up tool “Where’s My Amended Return?”. Once they have mailed their amended return to the IRS, their status will be available in three weeks.

To use this tool, the taxpayer enters their Social Security Number, date of birth, and zip code and the following information about their amended return will be available through the “Where’s My Amended Return?” application:

  • Confirmation that the IRS has received the amended return
  • An update of the amended return’s current status
  • An estimated time the IRS will complete the processing of the amended return

Note: Due to special processing requirements, this new tool cannot be used to look up the status of Form 1045 (Application for Tentative Refund) or if the taxpayer has filed a restricted interest claim with the IRS.

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