Maximizing Revenue

The success of your business depends on practical opportunities to increase revenue.

CrossLink is committed to your success and has worked closely with our customers, banking partners, and other industry leaders to provide you with more revenue opportunities to enable your success - and meet the growing needs and expectations of your customers. Contact us today to discover all the ways to make more money with CrossLink.

Earn additional revenue without raising your preparation fees on items such as:

eFile Revenue

Professional Tax Preparers now have the ability to charge an eFile fee for both Bank Products and non-Bank Product returns.

Remote Signature

Now your clients can sign their documents anywhere and anytime via an electronic signature – and you have the ability to charge for that convenience.

ERO Add-on Fee

CrossLink’s Add-on Fee provides professional tax preparers with the opportunity to earn additional revenue on all bank products.

Check Printing

Customers of Santa Barbara TPG have the opportunity to earn revenue for each non-Fast Cash Advance disbursement check.

Protection Plus

With Protection Plus, you can expand your service offerings and make extra revenue while providing your taxpayers with the peace of mind of low cost tax return audit assistance.