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State Requirements for Preparers Which Offer Tax Refund Loan Products

There are 20 states that have regulations for preparers who offer tax refund loan products with the following types of requirements:

  • Five States require a preparer to register if they offer loan products. In Oregon and New York if the preparer is registered as a tax preparer they meet the registration requirement. Preparers also must follow the State disclosure and other requirements provided for in each State’s regulations for loan providers.
  • Eleven States require that preparers follow State disclosure and other requirements provided for in each State’s regulations for loan providers.

Here are the details for each State in each of the two categories of State requirements;

States that require preparers to register

North Carolina
The North Carolina Refund Anticipation Loan Act explains the registration requirements and other requirements for a business that offers RALs.

Must go to the North Carolina Commissioner of Banks – Refund Anticipation Loan Facilitators Overview website and from there you can link to the online application and get the latest reporting requirements and due dates.

These companies facilitate loans against anticipated tax refunds. They offer rapid tax refunds for people who can’t wait. The service allows people to “Get your tax refund today rather than later.”  They also:

  • Must be engaged in business of preparing tax returns
  • Must display and discuss fee schedule(s)
  • Often use a federal pre-emption structure

Must register and pay fee on the Texas  OCCC – Refund Anticipation Loan (ALECS) website.

Washington businesses that offer tax refund anticipation loans (RALs) must register with the Department of Financial Institutions (DFI).

Must fill out application and mail to State of Washington with the applicable fee.

The application is available on Washington State DFI – Tax Refund Anticipation Loan Facilitators website.

New York
The requirements for tax preparers and facilitators are contained in the New York Consumer Bill of Rights Concerning Tax Preparers.

To register all tax return preparers and loan facilitators must register on the New York State tax preparer registration page.

A person may not be a facilitator of a RAL without being licensed as a tax preparer or consultant with Oregon. This is stated on the Oregon website under statutes on the Chapter 73 Tax Consultants and Preparers.

No additional registration required if the person is already licensed as a tax preparer in Oregon.


States that require disclosures and other requirements of preparers

Requirements are detailed in the Arkansas Code Title 4 Subtitle 7 Chapter 116 Refund Anticipation Loan Act.

Requirements are detailed in California Business and Professions Code Section 22253.1.

Requirements are contained in the Colorado Revised Statute Title 5 Consumer Credit Code – Disclosures Required for RAL facilitators

Requirements are detailed in Chapter 743ee Refund Anticipation Loans on the State of Connecticut website.

Requirements are contained in the Tax Refund Anticipation Loan Act on the Illinois General Assembly website.

Requirements are on the Louisiana website on the legislature - RS 9:3579.4 page

Requirements are on the Maine website under: Title 9-A: Maine Consumer Credit Code: Article 10: Part 3

Disclosure requirements are on the Maryland website on the HB1206: Commercial Law - Consumer Protection - Refund Anticipation Loans and Checks page.

Requirements are on the Michigan legislative website on the Refund Anticipation Loan Act page.

Requirements are contained in the Minnesota Statute governing Tax Preparation Services on the Minnesota Office of the Revisor of Statutes website.

New Jersey
Requirements are detailed in New Jersey Statute Title 17 Section 17:11 D-3 Refund Anticipation Loans.

Requirements are on the Virginia website under: Title 62; Chapter 25 – Refund Anticipation Loans – Advertising; posting RAL fee schedule; and disclosures

Requirements are on the Nevada website on the Chapter 604B – Refund Anticipation Loans page.

Requirements are detailed in Tennessee Code Title 62 Chapter 29 Part 2 Refund Anticipation Loans (Disclosures and Prohibited Activities)

Disclosure requirements are detailed in Wisconsin Statute 422.310 Refund Anticipation Loans.

They are also detailed on the Refund Anticipation Loan page of the Wisconsin Department of Revenue website.

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