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Using CrossLink 1040 Videos

CrossLink 1040 Videos
The videos below provide detailed examples of how to set up and use CrossLink 1040 Professional Tax Software, as well as how to fully utilize its tools and features. Be sure to visit the CrossLink Professional Tax Software YouTube Channel for helpful product, tax software training, and tax news video content

CrossLink Features and Functions

Understanding CrossLink's Layout

Overview of the Work-In-Progress Summary (WIP)

Overview of the Bulletins Feature in CrossLink

Overview of the CrossLink Help Menu

The CrossLink Commands Menu (F Keys)

Installing and Using a Signature Pad

Installing and Using a Motorola 2D Barcode Scanner

How to Use the Appointments and Calendar Features in CrossLink

Using TextLink with CrossLink 1040

How to Modify Access Levels in CrossLink 1040

The Status Summary List

The Master Event Log


Completing a Return in CrossLink 1040

Starting a Tax Return in CrossLink 1040

Adding Forms in CrossLink 1040

Wrapping Up a Tax Return in CrossLink 1040

How to Add Form W7 to a Tax Return

How to Add Form 4868

How to Suspend and Un-suspend a Tax Return

How to Add to Various Databases


Transmitting Tax Returns in CrossLink 1040

Transmitting a Tax Return

Scheduled Transmissions


Printing Checks and Forms

Printing Checks in CrossLink 1040

How to View IRS Acknowledgement Letters

Printing Blank Tax Forms


Office Setup & Administration

Registration Tab

Creating a Paid Preparer

Local Settings

Electronic Filing Tab

Overrides Tab

Office Setup Defaults Tab

Authorizations & Audits Tab

Printer Settings

The Client Questionnaire

Restricted Forms Setup

Billing Setup

Software Updates

Updating CrossLink from External Media


CrossLink 1040 Reports

IRS Acknowledgement Reports Overview

How to Generate Fee Payment Reports

How to Create Mailing Labels

How to View IRS Acknowledgement Letters

How to Generate Client Lists

How to Generate the List of Non-Returning Clients Report

How to Add or Remove Quick Reports


Backing Up & Retrieving Tax Return Information

How to Back Up Tax Returns

How to Transfer a Tax Return

How to Export Client Data

How to Restore a Tax Return


Help & CrossLink 1040 Support

Secure Support Emails

Sending Support Tickets Via the Web

Looking Up a Tax Return's Status